NH TU Chapters

The New Hampshire Council of Trout Unlimited consist of seven chapters with over 1400 members state wide. The chapters support all of the state wide programs managed by the NH TU Council, including the Youth Fish and Conservation Camp, Trout in the Classroom and many of the projects undertaken by NH Fish and Game.

Our chapters are involved in many local and community outreach programs and for specific information as to what they are doing please go to the floowing web sites.  

We have included at link to the Vermont, Greater Upper Valley TU chapter as many of the TU members from the Hanover and Lebanon areas belong to this chapter.

Greater Upper Valley TU, Vermont


Hello.  I've been a member of Trout Unlimited for quite a few years and I would like to involve the organization in protecting and restoring bodies of water in this area of the state.  In addition to being a TU member, I am on the Cold River Local Advisory Committee, I am a licensed guide in NH and I am science teacher in Alstead.  As part of my curriculum, I do work on the Cold River through the Brook Trout in the Classroom project.  

My main question and I guess concern is that there is somewhat of a void in the towns of Alstead, Langdon, Acworth, Marlow, Gilsum, Walpole and Charlestown as far as TU involvement.  The Monadnock Chapter's activities, are centered no farther north than Keene and actually the closest Chapter to my house, meeting just 15 minutes from me, is in Westminster, VT.  I have a  desire and others in this Chapter do as well, to work on conservation and restoration projects on both sides of the river.  I send this email to get your feelings about the Chapter working with members in both New Hampshire and Vermont to better cold water fisheries in both states.  Living in New Hampshire, I would be glad to act as the Chapter's Liaison with the New Hampshire Council.  Thank you very much and I look forward to corresponding with you on this matter.

Mitch Harrison

Alstead, NH


(603) 723-4736