Adult and Youth Outreach

 Let’s Go Fishing

This program is offered by many chapters in conjunction with NH Fish and Game Aquatic Education Department.  The program has been designed to give students the basics needed to begin fly fishing in their local waters.

Youth Fishing Camp 

 The NH Youth Trout Camp is conducted by the NH Trout Unlimited State Council and its chapters throughout the state. The five day camp teaches appreciation and stewardship of cold water fisheries through the art and science of fly fishing

These streamside, hands-on experiences provide more than just casting and fishing lessons, they strive to fully educate youth about the complex issues behind the restoration and protection of our streams and rivers. 

Trout in the Classroom

A flagship program of Trout Unlimited's Youth Education efforts, Trout in the Classroom offers students of all ages a chance to raise trout in a classroom setting and then release them into a nearby stream or river. During the eight months that classes spend raising trout, they closely monitor water temperature, water clarity, dissolved oxygen, ammonia levels, and pH. Because trout are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment, students learn the importance of clean water and environmental protection. 

5 Rivers College Program

Part of Trout Unlimited's expanding Youth Education efforts, 5 Rivers promotes TU's mission on college and university campuses around the country. Tomorrow's conservation leaders are currently enrolled and on their way to becoming the scientists, policy makers, volunteers and anglers who will become the Trout Unlimited of the future. In order to sustain the success of its current protection and restoration of the country's coldwater resources, TU must not only share this work with college students but give them the tools and encouragement necessary to create a new generation of conservationists.

Boy Scout Fly Fishing Merit Badge

The Merit Badge has long been the standard by which Boy Scouts have proven competency and skill in a particular area, and a badge related to fly fishing and coldwater conservation makes perfect sense. Under guidelines approved by the Boy Scouts and TU in 2002, this unique program enables TU volunteers to act as "Merit Badge counselors" and work with a Scout as he practices and learns the 10 steps that lead to the earning of the Badge.

Stream Explorers

Trout Unlimited's Stream Explorer membership offers kids a chance to learn about wild fish and the natural world. Now more than ever, kids need to be inspired to get outside and discover the fascinating life of trout and salmon and the rivers that sustain them. A Stream Explorers membership is a positive step toward creating the next generation of environmental stewards.