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New Hampshire is the six smallest state in terms of land mass, but has a significant amount of water that is available and managed for trout.


There are approximately 17,000 miles of rivers and streams in the state that appear on 1:24,000-scale topographic maps; all of those watercourses are in need of protection or restoration as critical natural assets for present and future generations.


New Hampshire has five major watersheds: the Connecticut River, the Merrimack River, the Androscoggin River, the Piscataqua River  and the Saco River.


Each watershed has distinct characteristics that offer unique opportunities and management challenges.


There are approximately 80 lakes and ponds that are managed for trout.


The Brook Trout has been designated as the state fish.



This is my initial visit to the NH site, and I vision great potential here. I await further activity.

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What happened to the brook trout CSI data maps, and the interactive maps? 

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