Female Anglers up 17%

Female Anglers on the Rise

Great Video interview with Chrissy Penn, Orvis who is a very active TU Member in VT.


This is a great interview. I love that companies are working on creating true women's versions of products. It's also always great to see an active TU member on camera. Do you know how I can find out more about the Orvis 101 program?

You can learn more about the Orvis 101 here http://www.orvis.com/intro.aspx?subject=8249 and many local TU Chapters team up with Orvis to offer the 101 Fly Fishing classes so make sure you check with your TU State Council or local TU Chapter.

The Orvis 101 program is great, and it is a great way for  ewbies to get involved in TU.  Orvis has offered free TU memberships to 101 participants. 

I fondly remember my Orvis fly-fishing school, circa 1986.  Go Orvis, and go Take Me Fishing for your efforts to bring more women and minorities into the sport. 

Brennan, I will send you a link for Orvis 101, 201 and soon to be 301.  We have participated in this for the last two years and it is Great.

Jim Mabrey